“A flower

blossoms for

its own Joy”

-Oscar Wilde

I believe that when we dare to follow our heart, our inner calling, our intuition that we can live a life filled with happiness and freedom. That various problems both fysically and mentally are signs that we live a life according to beliefs that do not serve us. Maybe we belief that we are still that ugly duckling not realising that it transformed in to a beautiful swan.  Our beliefs can be conscious or less conscious, be taught in our upbringing, our culture, friends. Where they come from is doesn’t really matter but what you do with them does! 

Katja Dechering

My mission is to teach people how to change their old beliefs. How to live the life they have dreamed of. The world would be a better place is head and heart are more aligned and I wish to help people find their Inner Joy! 

I do this working as a Psychologist, Coach, Energetic Therapist and Medium. For more information go to www.inner-joy.com (in Dutch) or if you want to book a session you can fill out the form below or send me an app or email

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